C.C. – A Case Study of a Territorial Dog

Aggressive Dog Training in Connecticut – Territorial Issues Conquered!

In my career as a Connecticut dog trainer, many dogs I’ve worked with have had issues with territorial behavior. One dog in particular, a Spanish Water Dog, named C.C., became so aggressive in his quest to establish a leadership position in his environment, he bit three people, and, sadly, the owners were considering euthanasia.

Aggressive Dog Training in Connecticut by Camelot Dog Training will help your dog successfully overcome inappropriate aggressive behavior
When I met CC, he was extremely territorial, and wouldn’t let anyone on his property

Like many of our clients, C.C.’s owners had used another trainer—one who used only one training approach, rather than using a balanced approach, taking advantage of all of the four training quadrants of operant conditioning.  (This is the approach I take, which is modified, and customized to each dog’s situation)  Needless to say, unfortunately,  the previous trainer’s efforts proved ineffective.  I offer aggressive dog training in Connecticut, in addition to all of the other programs I offer.  My well-rounded, balanced, reward-based approach is extremely effective!

On my initial visit, I witnessed C.C. barking aggressively at the boundary of his electric fence, (Which I typically don’t recommend using) giving me the impression he would not hesitate to bite me if the boundary wasn’t there. When the owner put a leash on C.C., he ceased the aggressive behavior but continued the territorial behavior—pulling at the leash, jumping, and attempting to mount. While we talked in the house, he barked or whined at airplanes and passersby and continued pulling on the Leash Pulling, Aggressive Behavior, and other dog behavior issues can successfully be overcome with our Connecticut Dog Training Programleash the owner used to keep him in check.

Faced with a situation like this, many owners feel helpless and hopeless. But it wasn’t the first time I’d witnessed this problem and the fact CC was eventually able let me inside without attacking, once the owner was present, was a very good sign. I felt confident I could help them by establishing a structured, reward-based training system that would help reset both C.C.’s behavior and the owners’ training methods.

In this case, consistency was key. C.C. began the dog training program away from the stimuli which induced the territorial and subsequent aggressive behavior while the owners learned proper handling techniques and established their leadership position, based on trust and mutual respect and cooperation. After they learned to communicate with C.C., and he learned what was expected of him, the owners reintroduced the problematic stimuli.  Taking this dog training approach sets everyone up for success!

Connecticut Dog Training can help your dog overcome even the most frustrating dog training behavior issues
CC Was able to walk nicely on a leash during just the first training session!

In just a few days, C.C. was able to stay in his designated “place” in the house, while guests were over. He showed no sign of aggression or anxiety toward neighbors when the owners took him for a walk around the block. C.C. began responding to commands such as heel, down, and sit. That’s not to say there wasn’t the occasional bark, whine, or lunge, but thanks to the owners’ dedication and consistency he began utilizing the proper, expected behavior even when he was alone in the yard.

Thanks to repetition, properly-timed rewards, and consistent follow-through, C.C. is now the safe, stress-free pet his owners always knew he could be.

I offer aggressive dog training in Connecticut, no matter where in the State you are.   I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your dog.   Please call me at 800.649.7297, or use the contact form on my website to get started!  Change is possible!!!