All About Fear Based Aggression – Dog Trainer Connecticut Blog

Many owners are capable of recognizing fear aggression in their dogs. They recognize that children make their pet skittish, strangers make them nervous, thunderstorms make them tuck their tail between their legs, other dogs make them anxious, etc. They recognize that when this fear and anxiety results in growling, snapping, lunging, etc., it needs to be addressed. But how?

Dog Trainer Connecticut BlogAn in-home trainer can help. My in-home training program is designed to enhance communication between you and your dog so that you can calm them and boost their confidence in an easier and more effective manner. Not every dog has a laid back personality, but you can help the ones who don’t, and you can do it before the fear aggression results in an injury to you, a pet, an innocent bystander, or a loved one.

Take Titan, for example. Titan earned his name, as he was a large rottweiler mix I recently had the opportunity to work with. He was not aggressive by nature. It was not a case of Titan being too big for his britches and wanting to prove himself the alpha dog in the home; he was simply terrified of strangers, and when his brain asked him whether he wanted to fly or fight, he chose fight. But I was able to help Titan and his owners create a more harmonious home.

Using techniques like basic obedience training, focus training, place training, proper leash handling techniques, and more, I helped Titan understand that his owners were in charge of deciding how to handle strangers. We used the training to create a bond of trust and respect between Titan and his owners that placed them in the leadership position and gave Titan the opportunity to relax. He learned to let them handle situations he would normally have found threatening.

It’s easy enough to tell a person, “You don’t have to be scared of this person.” Communicating that to a dog takes some training on both the part of the dog and the owner.

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