Dog Problems? Don’t Wait Until It Gets Worse! – Dog Training New Haven Blog

Nobody’s dog is perfect (contrary to what we might think about our own dogs!), and every dog might have a few bad habits, or little behaviors that we wish would go away. Both even for mild cases, training can be a great benefit for a dog and their family. For some people, training might be unnecessary, because their dog “isn’t that bad”, or they think that “they’ll grow out of it one day”. 

Hate to break it to you, but the majority of the time with behavioral issues, a dog will not just “grow out of it”. In fact, if left ignored, the problem can become worse!

Dog Training New Haven blog.....fix those behavior problems now!Many of my clients who call me who have a dog that is out of control. It could be aggression, hyperactivity, overall disobedience (“selective hearing”), separation anxiety, etc. When these dogs are first adopted, they don’t start out like this. Clients have told me that their dog’s problems just seemed to come out of nowhere. In actuality, the problems were already there, but the owner didn’t even notice it because at the time, it was so subtle and mild. Therefore, it was ignored and then left to develop into something more severe.

For example, I had a client who called asking me to help with her dog, Chancellor. This dog was extremely dominant and even bit the owner recently when they tried to pick up Chancellor’s food bowl. The owner was so baffled by their dog’s aggression, and didn’t know what to do about it. At our initial in-home consultation, I asked questions about Chancellor’s background and history, and both owner and I discovered together that this was not Chancellor’s first aggression incident. While not as bad, Chancellor was always on guard with his food, as his owner revealed that Chancellor did occasionally growl whenever anyone approached his dinner.

This can happen with any behavior problem: light nipping turning into aggressive play, anxious whimpering turning into fearful shrieking, jumping on guests turning into jumping on everyone and everything, etc. It doesn’t have to reach uncontrollable proportions…owners can fix the issue before it gets out of hand!

This is why training is so important, whether you have a young or old dog. Puppy training can help immensely, teaching the puppy the right thing before they have the opportunity to behave inappropriately. Even with rescue dogs with a questionable past, can unlearn poor habits and avoid more serious issues. If your dog hasn’t had any training, get started ASAP so that they don’t get any bad ideas!

If you need help getting your dog started on the right paw, call me at 800-649-7297 and we’ll create a customized training plan together! If your dog already has severe behavior issues, no worries, we can still help! Call or contact us using our contact form!