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Dog training isn’t just about teaching your dog new tricks. It’s also about helping you become a trained dog owner!

Too often, the behavioral problems I encounter when I begin working with a new client are due to a lack of leadership. The dog is the boss! In addition to bad behavior, this frequently results in a relationship between dog and owner that, while possibly loving and affectionate, is not based on mutual respect and trust. There isn’t enough structure or routine for the dog to know how the owner expects them to behave. Both dog and owner end up frustrated.

Connecticut dog training programs that bring dogs and their people together!

We train dogs and their people!

At its core, dog training frequently has more to do with training the owner than the dog itself. It’s about helping my client set boundaries, create structure, and show their dog that life is better—for both of you!—when they make good choices and behave well. As a professionally-trained dog trainer, I know that I can come in and get your dog to obey and respect me quickly. But that doesn’t help you in the long run because what matters most is that your dog obeys YOU!

This is why my in-home dog training program is so much more effective in the long-term than board-and-train programs. My clients are a crucial part of their dog’s training from the very beginning and learn alongside their dog every session. They learn the why behind the what of dog training, how to communicate effectively with their dog, and how to create structures and routines that will set them both up for lifelong success. They’re equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to become their dog’s trainer and to continue working on their dog’s behavioral modification long after I’ve gone home for the day or our training goals have been met. One of the most meaningful parts of my job is watching my clients implement their dog training skills and seeing the relationship between them and their dog grow into one based on mutual trust and respect.

If you’re looking for an easy, quick fix to your dog’s behavioral problems, in-home dog training might not be the best dog training program for you. But if you’re ready to become a trained dog owner, to work with me to help your dog meet its training goals, and to develop dog training skills you’ll use the rest of your life, call 800.649.7297 or get in touch via our contact form. I can’t wait to your dog—and you!