How to Solve Anxiety and Excessive Behaviors by Camelot Dog Training in CT

While at a seminar with a dog trainer in Nashville, one of the topics we discussed was how excessive behaviors are common with some dogs, particularly dogs that are experiencing some form of anxiety. An excessive behavior is a habit or behavior that your dog constantly demonstrates. For example, does your dog incessantly bark any time you leave the home? That’s a prime example, and your dog is doing this most likely due to separation anxiety. What about a dog that is always digging holes in your backyard to the point where it looks like you have a colony of gophers? Your dog is most likely doing this due to boredom and anxiety.

Camelot Dog Training in CT can help anxious dogs!An excessive behavior is something that should be treated immediately with in-home behavior training, for both the sake of the owner and the dog. Even if an owner can tolerate some excessive barking or jumping or digging…the dog is still unhappy and doing this because of anxiety.

The first step to eliminating an excessive behavior is to address the anxiety that is causing it. For instance, I began working with a dog named Slugger earlier this month. Slugger was gutting the backyard with his excessive digging, plus he would bark nonstop whenever he was out there (more so when he was alone outside). When I got to meet Slugger and his family, I became acquainted with Slugger’s lifestyle and routines. First off, Slugger is a working breed, and his owners were not exercising or stimulating him enough based on his breed and his young age. Slugger also had some slight separation anxiety that needed to be worked on.

Once we had a fitness regimen that was practical for both Slugger and his owners, his anxiety and boredom began to decrease immediately. Because of this, he was also more calm with being separated from his owners. Exercise, plus behavior training, can eliminate your dog’s anxiety and set them up for success in other areas of behavior! Behavior training gives a dog some physical stimulation, but more than anything, it gives the dog much needed mental stimulation.

If your dog is like Slugger, or showing any signs of anxiety and excessive behaviors, our trainer Tom will create a training plan suited to your lifestyle and goals! He will eliminate your dog’s behavior issues but also bring calm and peace to your dog’s mind as well. If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, call us at 800-649-7297!