Want To Get Rid of You and Your Dog’s Anxiety? Training Will Help! Dog Trainer Connecticut Blog

Behavior training not only gets your dog to have better manners and sharper recall to your commands, it is also a great way to eliminate any anxiety in your dog…and also you! If a dog does not require any behavioral training, there can still be ways to train a dog and still make it productive, rewarding, fun, and stress-relieving!

But let’s back up to behavioral training for a quick second. Canine behavioral training is my specialty and it is what Camelot Dog Training covers and offers. Training can be needed in many different situations. Perhaps someone just adopted a puppy and needs help housebreaking it, or teaching the puppy how to be quiet when it is in the crate. Basic commands are normally taught to dogs, but many times the owner signs their dog up for training due to their “selective hearing” with commands. I’ve also received many training clients that are at their wit’s end, some even considering rehoming or euthanizing the dog due to it’s severe anxiety or unpredictable aggression issues.

With all of my Connecticut dog training programs here, I want to help owners reach their training goals with their puppy or dog. When a prospective clients first meets me for an initial consultation to discuss what the problems are and what would be the best course of action for their specific case, I learn a lot about how the dog’s behavior is negatively impacting the home life for the dog and owner. As a professional trainer, I want to eliminate the problems, be it marking in the house, destructive chewing, sibling aggression, leash pulling, etc. But it is important for me to go further and get to the root of these issues, which is almost always some type of anxiety (sometimes coupled with lack of leadership from the owner).

Good, effective training brings consistency and structure into the dog and owner’s life. It empowers owners and shows dogs how to succeed and discover the rewards of obedience. In many ways, it is like an exercise training program that humans can take. The mental stimulation from a dog training program is like a workout for a dog, even if it does not require a whole of physical activity. A good training session will wear the dog out, and with the right regimen and trainer instructing it, it can be a fun experience where the dog sees the positive effects their good behavior brings.

If behavioral training isn’t something one is looking for, there are other options. Agility training is a great way for both physical and mental exercise, and it’s very interactive. While I do not offer agility training, it can be a great way to supplement your dog’s training and exercise routines. But make no mistake: many people underestimate their dog’s behavior and their ability to take it a step further. It is not the dog trying to be bad, but rather it needs consistent direction, along with a steady protocol of effective communication, leash handling, exercise, and more. To sign up your dog for behavioral training, get in touch with us! Call 800-649-7297 or e-mail us at training@camelotdogtraining.com