Why Dogs Need A Leader – Dog Training CT Blog

While at a seminar with a dog trainer in Buffalo, one of the topics discussed was leadership. Most owners are aware of the idea of pack structure. The gist generally goes that there’s the top dog (the ‘alpha’ or the leader) and then there are dogs slightly under him, and dogs under them. Between dogs, there can be individual hierarchies that form complex relationships when the dogs are in a group. While people always think of a “pack” as multiple dogs without a human, the structure also applies to you and your dog(s).

Camelot Dog Training CT will get the results you need. Dogs need a leader when they’re with a human just as much as when they’re with a pack and a lack of leadership can lead to multiple behavioral problems.

We can help you learn the ways to show your dog that you’re the leader. Once you’ve established that relationship, you may notice that your dog is calmer, more focused, more trusting of you, and more confident. This is because they feel secure in their role and they understand the divisions between you and them. When there’s a problem or an uncertainty in their minds, the dog will look to you and assume that you will have an answer. It will be up to you to guide their way. This stands true for all training – once you’ve established yourself as a leader, your dog will find it easier to follow your command. Camelot Dog Training CT can assist you in finding the perfect set of guidelines for you and your dog to make training fun, simple, and safe. With our in-home training program, we can work to establish you as your dog’s leader and give you tips for maintaining the optimal relationship structure with your dog.  Give us a call today at 800.649.7297 to talk about leadership.