Why Dogs Need Mental Stimulation – Connecticut Dog Trainer Blog 

Camelot Dog Training in the Connecticut area has vast experience training dogs with anxiety issues. Anxiety is the primary cause of behavioral issues like hyperactivity and aggression. One common cause of anxiety is that the dog lacks the proper outlets to get the mental stimulation it needs.

Our Connecticut dog trainer knows working dogs needs a job!

Working breeds like Border Collies needs lots of mental stimulation, without a job or something to focus on behavior problems will almost always develop.

If you just imagine how restless you can become when you’re in a place like a waiting room or on an airplane where your stimulation is limited and your behavior is restricted, you may be able to understand what’s happening with your dog. These same situations can be made more stimulating by doing something like reading a magazine or engaging in interesting conversations with people.

We try to find ways similar to these for your dog to get the mental stimulation they need. When we implement them, the behavioral issues they have are often easier to address or even sometimes completely alleviated. Sometimes the solution is as simple as going for more walks, or learning to play impulse control games with your dog that engage their body and mind.

We offer in-home dog training to the Connecticut area that starts by looking at you and your dog as a unique case that require a customized program. When we meet you and your dog we get a clear picture of the home environment and your dog’s triggers for poor behavior. We also get a first-hand look at how you and your dog interact, which allows us to diagnose issues that may be occurring due to a lack of boundaries or respect.

A dog needs consistency, structure, and an understanding of its role in your house and life, just ask our colleague dog trainer in Kansas City. Our rewards-based training doesn’t focus on dominating your dog into behaving—like other dog training theories suggest. Instead we teach your dog how to make the right choices that will lead to reward and promote them making better decisions in the future. Our training is also commitment-based, which means we’ll continue training with you until all of our training goals are met.

We can help you find solution to your dog’s lack of mental stimulation! Once we do you’ll be closer to having a healthier relationship with your dog that will last. The best time to start addressing your dog’s issues is now. Don’t let them get any worse. Call us at 800.649.7297 and our team can listen to you explain your situation and share what our training program can do for you. Our training method has been successful for nearly three decades; we’re ready to show you why!