Connecticut Dog Training Blog – Why we work with Local Veterinarians 

Camelot Dog Training regularly receives referrals from veterinarians across Connecticut. When a dog is injured because of underlying anxiety or aggression the vets know that they can really only treat the physical damage. When it comes to repairing the dog’s mind and correcting their behavioral problems the vets know we have that covered. It’s similar to when a doctor refers their clients to a psychologist if they are experiencing mental issues.

Camelot's Connecticut dog training program is here to help your dog!Going to the vet can be a stressful time for some dog owners. When a dog’s behavior is dangerous or unpredictable it’s especially hard. The stress can force some owners into avoiding going to the vet altogether and they sacrifice their dog’s health, skipping routine check-ups and immunizations.

It may be hard to get your dog to the vet now, but they are definitely not set in their ways. We can work with you to make trips to the vet stress free. Besides, a dog’s problems should never be allowed to persist, otherwise you’re reinforcing them! Our dog training program has been successful for over 27 years. We’ve never worked with a dog that couldn’t learn to relax and behave at their vet visits. That’s why vets love us! We create customized training programs and practice in-home training in the Connecticut area. No two dogs are the same, just like no two people are, so we have to take each case into consideration before developing a plan of action.

No dog is beyond help. Sometimes we work with dogs that have had several different dog trainers. They’ve learned to lead happy and healthy lives with our program. Some trainers will tell you that your dog just can’t be changed and should be given up, or worse, put down. This is never necessary!

Camelot Dog Training offers in-home training that is commitment-based. This means that we’ll work with you continually until all of our training goals are accomplished. Our in-home training includes basic obedience training, puppy training, and even training for dogs that are about to have a new baby in the house (our Cribs and Canines program). If you’re ready to stop letting your dog’s behavior prevent them from going to the vet, or if they have other issues that need to be addressed give us a call at 800.649.7297 or tell us about your situation using our contact form.