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With the utmost gratitude, thank you so much for your lessons, services and time.  Both Lauren and I are so happy with the progress Molly has shown over these past few months.  We are so pleased to have learned so much from our time together and it has only helped strengthen our bond with Molly.  We will be applying the skills we have developed through your training throughout the remainder of Molly’s life.  It is clear that not only have we learned to become better parents to Molly but also she has learned immeasurable skills that have positively impacted her life.  And while we have the utmost confidence in both ourselves and Molly, the comfort of any needed support in the future is truly unique and special.
We could not be happier with our decision to use Camelot Dog Training.  We will be referring your services to anyone with a dog of any kind, as well as describing, in great detail, the benefits of these past six months to our veterinary practice.  We found you through online reviews, and I will be thrilled to contribute another 5 star review to your online profile.
Adam & Laura G.

We wanted to give you an update on Milly since its been awhile since we’ve last chatted.

You might remember, in 2016 Milly did not handle Thanksgiving well and that’s what led us to seek your help. Well, she’s fully redeemed herself. We had her around a full house of people — some of which she historically did not get along with — and she did awesome. She is calm, relaxed, and listens to our commands. And she’s been able to repeat that behavior in different settings, some of which she’s not too familiar with. She’s still a little shy of new people but we can control her barking and can get her to settle down very quickly. 

One of her big triggers was the doorbell; but I’m happy to report she’s completely gotten over it and on Halloween she stayed at place and it was actually a pleasant experience. She does excellent on her walks with us, still barks at other dogs sometimes, but generally is very well behaved. 

Thanks again for all of your help. All of our friends and family have all noticed that she has changed for the better and can be around everyone in all types of settings.

Tim & Laura

Hef is doing pretty well. There have been no hints of aggression with the kids at all. We have been able to introduce a cat back in the house. She doesn’t like him, but he isn’t showing any more than rambunctious curiosity to sniff her out. He’s minding his jumping and greeting overall. I can’t say he is perfect but for the bit of effort he’s improved a lot and the Major goals have been met. We’ve had a few doggie encounters and he’s done amazing with those.

I am very happy with the service you provided. I can’t say that I have been 100% the best at practicing the principals daily but correction and praise is consistent and we can function normally again.

Joseph G.

I’m so glad that we have you as one of the cards to pull out of our sleeves.  You have truly been a great resource and our clients have been very pleased with your services and commitment.  Oh, and you bring us good treats!  😉 Oh yeah, we’re food motivated too!

Thanks Tom!

Heather of VCA New London Animal Hospital

Sherman is doing so well!  Evan and I now use the phrase ‘incident free walk’. I cannot thank you enough. You gave me the dog I always knew Sherman could be. I would love for you to take a walk with us one day. Just give me a call when you are in the neighborhood!

Jamie D.

Tom is a miracle worker. We are so grateful to him for helping us integrate our new baby girl into our “pack” when our dog Sophie was not so sure about her! We highly recommend him for any issue you might be having.

Sunnie S.

Tom was a great trainer and helped us so much with our puppy. Bella would steal things and had bad resource guarding. We were so worried that she would steal a baby sock or something and have a hard time when it came for my wife and I to have a baby. Well the training with Tom worked great and now we have a 7 week old newborn and our dog is great with the baby and listens to all of her commands and hasn’t stolen one thing from the baby!

Thanks Tom for your help! Bella misses you!

Stephen T.

Tom at Camelot is absoluteky one of the best trainers i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have a 1 1/2 year old female German Shepherd. She is a very high energy dog and was having a hard time controlling her let alone training her. It was so bad we were about to give up. I had already seen two other trainers to no avail. Tom came in and had my doubts but he didn’t give up on us as he promised in the beginning. It was a process and have to say that Tom’s words were absolutely true. Trainign of any dog is about 95 % abiut the owner and 5% about the dog. Today my Chloe is trainied and obeys commands the first time. Thank you Tom for changing our lives. I would highley recommend Tom for anyone that wants a great trainer, you won’t regret it.

Anthony C.

After three meetings with Tom, our trainer, we are extremely pleased with the quality and overall progress of our training experience. Tom is great to work with and so far has thoroughly explained and demonstrated each step in the four part training program. Using his methodology and employing his techniques has already made a big difference in the behavior of our dog. We would definitely recommend Camelot Dog Training to anyone seeking professional help with their dogs’ behavior issues.

Steve F.

Thank you Tom!  Always good to have a success story and I think we make great partners!  Also, thank you for the wonderful goodies you brought by last week….they were very well received by the staff!!!

Thank you!

Heidi of VCA New London Animal Hospital