Dog Training in Rhode Island

Camelot Dog Training East is the best choice for dog training in Rhode Island!

At Camelot Dog Training East, we find that dog owners often wait until they reach the end of their rope before reaching out to find a dog trainer. If this is true for you, all the worst-case scenarios have probably already crossed your mind.

What if your dog is beyond help? What if you have to give your dog away or worse?

Well, we’re here to take your stress and worry away! We know that no dog is beyond help, as long as they have a dedicated trainer and owner by their side. 

Camelot Dog Training East specializes in the most frustrating cases of canine behavior, from chewing shoes to peeing in the house to biting the mailman. That’s right—aggressive dogs don’t scare us!

When training doesn’t stick, it’s almost always due to a simple lack of communication. This doesn’t mean you haven’t tried. Maybe you’ve read all the books, spent hours with your dog, and you just aren’t seeing results. Is it you? The dog? The book?

It’s the simple fact that no two dogs are alike.

You have a unique dog. It doesn’t make sense to use a one-size-fits-all training method. That’s why hiring an experienced, professional in-home trainer from Camelot Dog Training East is your best option.

dog training in Rhode Island
dog training in Rhode Island
dog training in Rhode Island

When you use Camelot Dog Training East, you’ll be getting a trainer who is:

  • Certified. Our trainers have been vetted and certified by the head of the prestigious dog trainer network, Canine Trade Group. All trainers have been through a rigorous training program with a focus on canine behavior and psychology and plenty of hands-on training.
  • Confident. We can tackle any challenge, from basic obedience to aggression and separation anxiety. We don’t shy away from big dogs or breeds that have a bad reputation. We know each dog has the potential for greatness, no matter the size, age, or breed!
  • Dedicated. We’re passionate about keeping families together—furry family members included! We are always available for questions, and our training program is commitment-based. This means the program isn’t over until you are completely satisfied with the results. Do you pay extra for that? No! You get all of this for one flat fee.

Training for Dogs AND Owners

Our Rhode Island dog trainers want to keep you involved in your dog’s training so that you feel confident even after the trainer leaves for the day. We don’t want to keep industry secrets; we want to help you build a foundation of trust and respect with your dog that will last their lifetime. We want to make communicating with your dog a breeze.

We offer free, no-obligation in-home consultations. Our training programs are designed specifically around your dog’s needs! We believe that offering customized training programs is the only way to ensure your dog is getting the training that’s right for them—and you!

Don’t stay stressed over your dog’s behavior for another second. Call Camelot Dog Training East at 401.214.3355 or send an e-mail through our convenient contact form to discuss your dog’s behavior today!




Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm

Training Hours: Weekdays, Weekends, and Weeknights by appointment only