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Camelot Dog Training CT, your source for professional Connecticut dog training, is able to train any dog. No matter how old, young, big or small your dog may be, no matter what breed, we are prepared to create a custom-fit training program for both of you. We have successfully dealt with all behavioral issues that dogs can have, including aggression, anxiety, and a multitude of others. At the core of all of our dog training programs is a professionally administered, reward-based, obedience training protocol, that provides a solid foundation. This time-tested approach will be the key to successfully addressing any other issues your dog may have. 

About Professional Connecticut Dog Training

A Camelot Dog Training program is made for the purpose of preventing, or eliminating any behavior issues your dog might have whether it’s just not reliably responding to dog training obedience commands, or more severe.  We are not about management strategies, or just providing temporary solutions.

In-Home, Customized Training for your Dog

We always begin our training in your dog’s home environment, away from any foreign distractions, so that we can observe your dog in his/her element and learn what may be the cause of their behavior problems. This is why your first training session is an in-home consultation where our professional dog trainer will come to you, wherever you may be in the Connecticut area.

Commitment-Based Training Programs

Upon your trainer’s first visit, they will begin to construct your dog’s training program by getting to know your family and your dog. You will have an active part in creating this program because this is also the time that you share all of the goals you have for your dog with the trainer. Camelot Dog Training takes a commitment-based approach to dog training, so you’ll have the support of your trainer until all your goals are attained.

Real World Training 

Once you and your trainer have established a solid foundation of communication, trust and understanding with your dog, the dog training gradually moves out to normal “real world” situations. This is when training will take place around other dogs, people, and in other places that put your dog’s newly learned skill to the test. It is also a time for us to address any other issues your dog suffers from when in foreign situations. This thorough method ensures that your dog is truly changing and also leads to you developing confidence in their ability to remain cool, calm, and well-behaved in any situation which may come.

Get Started

If you’re in the Connecticut area, and you are ready to schedule your first visit with your Camelot Dog Training professional, call us at 203.814.9124 or drop us a note using our contact form.