Your aggressive dog CAN be helped!

If your dog is aggressive, everyday can be an emotional roller coaster. Camelot Dog Training can help you get to bottom of your dog’s aggressive behavior, whether it has been caused by a bad experience in the past or is the result of an overly dominant puppy-life. However, knowledge of your dog’s history is not important, because all issues come to a head in the now, and that’s where we fix them.


There are several types of aggression: sibling aggression, human aggression, dog aggression, food aggression, territorial aggression and fear aggression, to name a few. Many are quick to make excuses for their aggressive dog’s behavior and believe (or are told) the behavior just can’t be changed. That is simply untrue, and in most instances, if gone unattended, the aggression may become more severe.

All too often, sadly, dog trainers will be quick to tell you there’s nothing that can be done to help your dog and putting them down is the only option. (Amazingly, in our experience, this pronouncement is even made on the phone!)  Others are more optimistic in that your dog’s aggression can be toned down, or managed, but will never go away. But, Camelot Dog Training our Aggressive Dog Training program has proved that no dog is beyond our help and that all dogs can be moved into the path of rehabilitation.  Change is possible!

Our training program begins with our highly skilled professional dog trainer, Tom Porier coming to your home to assess your dog’s aggressive behavior and any environmental factors that must be considered to ensure proper understanding of your dog is achieved. Then we adapt our program specifically for you and your dog and work hard with you to change your dog’s aggressive behavior.  In all cases, when we commit to working with you, we commit to working with you until we achieve all of our training goals!


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