Dog Training for New Parents in Connecticut 

One of the things that a dog owner and a parent have in common is the great responsibility that comes with it. Being both at the same time is even more challenging, particularly in the beginning. Here at Camelot Dog Training, we have had many clients express their plans to become parents. Along with that though, they also have their concerns about acclimating their dog to the prospect of a baby in the home.

Your dog’s lifestyle is based on your lifestyle, and now with a new baby, your routines and priorities are probably going to change dramatically. For a dog, this may be a struggle and without appropriate communication and guidance, it could also cause anxiety and distressful behavior from the dog. Sure, some dogs are fine and we tend to see dogs as wonderful friends for children. Still, there are no guarantees, and many parents do not want to take any risks with a newborn child.

If you are an expecting parent and want a smooth transition for both your human and canine family, then the Cribs and Canines program is just for you. Connecticut dog trainer, Tom Poirer, will help you apply a highly effective, reward-based training philosophy that both you and your dog can thrive in, creating a safe, consistent environment for your entire family.


Through Cribs and Canines, your dog will learn the basics (and more) of obedience, focus, and recall; your dog will be able to demonstrate calm behavior that does not include bad habits, such as jumping, nipping, not listening to commands, any form of aggression (territorial, food, fear, over/toward the baby, etc). Along with this, y dog will also have a chance to experience the idea of living with a baby, before your baby actually arrives! We will set up real-life situations that will ready the dog for the baby, such as walking well next to a stroller or how to display impulse control when the owner’s attention is diverted to the baby.

If you are presently a parent experiencing some problematic behavior from your dog, we can still help you! The Cribs and Canines program will empower you as a parent and owner, and help your dog build a healthy, loving relationship with your new baby! To get you and your family started on the route to success, call us at 203.814.9124.