Connecticut Puppy Training

The best thing you can do for yourself and your new best friend.

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing home your new pup…and there’s nothing more frustrating than finding chewed up shoes or listening to that once adorable whimper all night long. These conflicting emotions don’t have to last, and they shouldn’t unless you want that adorable, mischievous puppy behavior to turn into laborious dog antics. Enrolling in our Connecticut Puppy Training Program is the best thing you can do for your puppy and yourself to ensure a long and happy friendship.

 Our program will work for puppies at least 7 weeks of age, no matter the breed. All of our programs are reward-based in-home dog training programs.

We use professional yet simple guidelines to get your puppy started on the right track to becoming a good dog. Our puppy trainers come to your home for one-on-one lessons, and our successful program is customized to fit your lifestyle, your schedule, your environment. This customized Connecticut puppy training approach ensures your long-term success, and provides much higher value than the chaotic, inconveinent group classes offered at the “big box” pet stores.

In our Connecticut Puppy Training program, you’ll learn the basics: how to housebreak your puppy, how to prevent destructive chewing and excessive barking, how to communicate with your puppy and understand their signals, and how to properly exercise your puppy. But at Camelot Dog Training we take it a step further. We will teach you about dog psychology so you can better understand your dog’s behavior as they age and prevent future problems with your dog’s behavior.

Should I take my puppy to a “puppy training class”?

Puppy classes put on usually by large pet retailers that teach basic obedience and housebreaking methods to a group of puppies and their people. These classes may produce some results, but they do not address your puppy as a whole. One of the biggest factors in your puppy’s life will be the environment it lives in and this must be taken into account when creating a training program for them. It is best for a trainer to come to your home to learn all about your family so that your puppy is ensured the best learning experience.

What about “socialization”? 

An argument that is often given for taking a puppy to a puppy training class, is that he/she will be able to socialize with other dogs.   In reality, however, the term socialization is often confused with habituation (or desensitization) and by the time most puppies are admitted to a puppy training class, their socialization period (9-weeks of age) has passed.   Additionally, because there is never a behavioral assessment performed on dogs before they are admitted to puppy class, very often there are dogs who have reached a level of early, and inappropriate maturity who are mixed in with very young and immature puppies.  This can be a recipe for disaster, and many of our adult dogs with behavior issues around other dogs, trace those issues back to an incident that occurred in a puppy class.   Our puppy training program will include a component that will teach you how to properly guide your dog through his/her critical socialization period.

Our Connecticut Puppy Training program works, and is the right answer for you and your new family member!  To sign your pup up for our puppy training program, please call us at 203.814.9124, or fill out our contact form.